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Do you have a question about the Innovation Challenge? The fastest way to get an answer is to check if your question is one of the “Frequently Asked Questions” below. If it isn´t, just contact us using our contact form. We usually answer within 24 hours.

What is the Innovation Challenge all about?
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Innovation inspired by sports data. 
The Innovation Challenge is a competition and mentorship program that aims to engage the next generation of entrepreneurs and young professionals in sports data. It’s a chance to show your skills, whether you’re a software developer, UX designer, business student, or a creative mind…

If that’s you, welcome to the Innovation Challenge!

Get access to valuable data feeds and expert support for free. Have fun competing as a member of a team with other innovators. Invent an amazing new product, get publicity and (if we like your idea) the chance to incubate your innovation.

There are no sports without data.

         There is no future without ideas.

                               envision. design. create.

What is expected from the participants?
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Basically all you need to take part in the Innovation Challenge is an idea. 

An idea of how sports data can be used in new ways. This could be an idea for a mobile app, a game, a new betting product, a tool to help sports journalists in their daily business or something completely different. There are no limits to your imagination.

What is important is, that you have an idea, and that you are willing to develop it further during the course of the Innovation Challenge.

It is NOT expected that you present a ready-to-use product at any stage of the Innovation Challenge.

What the jury expects is a convincing presentation of an idea, a polished concept of how this idea could be taken to the next level, maybe some first designs or even a rough prototype or a business plan.

How far you develop your idea to impress the jury is up to you and no worries, we are there to support you in this process

Until when do I need to apply, if I want to participate?
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The application phase of the Innvation Challenge 2018 ends on Sunday, 14th of October, midnight. Please make sure you get a ticket before that deadline. All successful applicants then need to come to the Innovation Challenge, which is a full day event on Saturday, 20th of October. If you booked a ticket and cannot come please inform us via the contact form on this website, so another person can get your ticket.

I already have a team. Is this a problem?
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Not at all! Just apply as individuals and tell us at the beginning of the Innovation Challenge. We might recommend you to add a team member, if there is a certain skill missing in your portfolio. However, the decision who is on your team is completely up to you.

How many members are allowed per team?
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A team can consist of a minimum of two and a maximum of four members.

Can I apply if I am an Erasmus Student?
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Yes, absolutely! If you are currently on exchange at a faculty in Estonia, you are eligible to participate in the Innovation Challenge.

What rewards are presented to the winning team?
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The total prize money is 5,000 €, before taxes.

The best team will receive 2,500 €, before taxes, runner up team will receive 1,500 €, before taxes, third place team will receive 1,000 € (per team).

Additionally and depending on the idea there might be opportunities for the winning teams regarding future cooperation on the proposed product development and its launch in the market with Sportradar.

There is also the potential for future employment and/or internships in one of Sportradar’s offices around the globe for Innovation Challenge participants, whether you win the Challenge or not. Yet, this is at Sportradar´s sole discretion and not guaranteed.

Can we compete with more than one idea?
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We strongly recommend you to focus on one idea. Although one day can be quite long, time is the limiting factor here. It is up to you to modify or even change your idea through the course of the Innovation Challenge. Nevertheless, one team can only present one idea to the Jury at the end of the day.

What does "professional sports data" mean?
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Professional sports data is data that is collected from professional sports events. This includes statistics you can see on the TV screen while watching the games on the TV, for example. Sportradar covers over 20,000 events every month, across more than 20 sports (including all the most popular ones). The events are covered with the help of an enormous network of more than 6,000 data journalists worldwide. All data collected at the professional sports events from professional athletes is considered professional sports data. Consumer sports data (e.g. data from running apps and wearables) is not considered in the same way as professional data. If you have an idea in the consumer segment, don't give up just yet. Think if there is a way to connect your consumer-focused idea to a professional sports idea.

Is the Innovation Challenge only open to students of the TLU and TTÜ, who are the official partner of the Innovation Challenge 2018, or to all students?
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The Innovation Challenge is open to all students  at any faculty / University in Estonia, as well as recent graduates (past two years). This also includes Erasmus / Exchange students that are currently attending any of these Faculties / Universities. Additionally, we encourage teams to consist of members from different faculties and with different skill sets.

Do I need to provide information about the idea when applying?
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No. This is not necessary when applying. You will have to present your idea during the Innovation Challenge on 20th of October.

Should I have an idea when coming to the Innovation Challenge on Saturday, 20 October 2018?
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Yes. This is the time where all participants have to bring their initial idea to the table and where you can discuss and polish it with our mentors and industry experts – before preparing yourself for the pitch in front of a Jury at the end of the day. While it is good to come to this event with an idea, it doesn’t mean that your idea cannot, or will not, change during the event. It will be a one-day long event, with a lot of brainstorming and information sharing.

I booked a free ticket is attendance at the Innovation Challenge event on Saturday, 20 October 2018 mandatory?
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Yes. Every applicant who has a valid ticket to the Innovation Challenge must participate in this event. The event will take place at the premises of Mektory in Tallinn and will end with a pitch to the jury who will, in turn, select up to three winner teams.
If you have booked a ticket and cannot come please inform us at least a week prior to the event via our contact form.

Who owns the intellectual property of the solutions proposed after the competition?
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The creators of every idea, whether they win or not, retain full ownership of their Intellectual Property. After the Innovation Challenge ends and, if Sportradar sees a commercial value in any of the proposed solutions, there are numerous opportunities for future cooperation between the team and Sportradar – and will be discussed between the two parties after the Innovation Challenge. Winning teams, however, cannot enter into negotiations with any third party until six months after the Innovation Challenge result has been announced.

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