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Sports is all about emotion. Nearly everyone has a favorite team or a favorite athlete. Sponsors & Brands build their business around emotions and feelings, too. So why not connect them with each other? Sports data can be the link between these emotions and the business side of sports.

How can sports data boost the business of sponsors and brands?

Some examples for an idea:

  • Rebate in a store: You get 20% off a Neymar shirt if you order one during the 20 minutes after he scores a goal.
  • Sweepstake: Using the Timberwolves app before the game when you are in the arena, predict the exact moment K.A. Towns scores his first points to receive a signed jersey, if you are right.

For more Sponsors & Brands inspiration, check out our rich data pool (here) and our SDK (here).

Looking for more information about sports data? Then watch this video for an overview of Sportradar’s services.

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