Innovation Challenge
What is the Innovation Challenge all about?
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The Innovation Challenge is an ideation competition. A one-day event taking place on Saturday the 23rd of February in Minnesota, which aims to engage the next generation of entrepreneurs and young professionals in sports data.

  • Develop your own idea and have an impact in the sports data industry.
  • Gain free access to valuable data feeds and expert support.
  • Have fun competing with other innovators.

Over the course of the day you’ll not only get to know Sportradar and the sports data industry but develop your idea about how to change the way the world experiences sports.

What is expected from the participants?
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We want you to come up with an idea during the course of the day.

You already know which sports data market you want to focus on.

At the end of the day you’ll present your idea to a jury in a 2-minute elevator pitch.

You don’t need a fully developed idea or concept when you enter the Innovation Challenge. However, an initial spark in your mind would be helpful. Together, we’ll enlighten it!

I want to participate – by when can I apply?
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The application phase of the Innovation Challenge 2019 ends on Wednesday, 20th of February at midnight. Please make sure you apply before then.  After your application, we’ll be in touch with additional information and to clarify details.

I don’t have a team. Is this a problem?
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Not at all! During the course of the Innovation Challenge you will meet other participants and form a successful team.

I already have a team. Is this a problem?
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Absolutely not! It is, however, important that all team members apply as individuals through our application page.

How many members are allowed per team?
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A team must consist of a minimum of two and a maximum of four members.

Can I apply if I am an exchange student?
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Yes, absolutely!

Are travel costs and accommodation covered by the organizer?
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Sorry! Travel costs and accommodation are not covered. We will, however, provide food and drinks throughout the day.

What do the winning teams receive?
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Beyond invaluable networking and knowledge-transfer, the top three teams will share a total prize pool of  US$3,000, before taxes. The winning team will receive US$1,500 before taxes, runner’s up will receive US$1,000 before taxes, and the third place team will receive US$500.
Additionally, and depending on the idea, there might be opportunities for the winning teams regarding future cooperation with Sportradar.

There is also the potential for future employment and/or internships. This is at Sportradar´s sole discretion and is not guaranteed.

What does "professional sports data" mean?
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Professional sports data is data that is collected from professional sports events. This includes, for example, the statistics shown on TV screens. Sportradar covers over 20,000 events every month, across more than 20 sports (including all the most popular ones). The events are covered with the help of an enormous network of more than 7,000 data journalists worldwide.

All of the data collected at professional sports events from athletes is considered professional sports data. Consumer sports data (e.g., data from running apps and wearables) is not considered in the same way.

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Is the Innovation Challenge only open to students of the University of Minnesota?
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The Innovation Challenge is open to all students at any faculty/University in the US, including recent graduates (from the past two years).

Do I need to provide information about the idea when applying?
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No. It is not necessary to have an idea when you enter the Innovation Challenge. However, when we get in touch with you after your application we will ask you which sports data market is the most appealing to you.

I successfully applied for a ticket to the Innovation Challenge event on Saturday, 23rd of February. Is my participation mandatory?
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Yes. Every successful applicant who receives an invite to the Innovation Challenge must participate in the event.
If you cannot come, please inform us at least a week prior to the event via our contact form.

After the competition, who owns the intellectual property of the solutions proposed?
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The creators of every idea, whether they win or not, retain full ownership of their Intellectual Property. After the Innovation Challenge ends and, if Sportradar sees a commercial value in any of the proposed solutions, there are numerous opportunities for future cooperation between the team and Sportradar. These will be discussed between the two parties after the Innovation Challenge. Winning teams, however, cannot enter into negotiations with any third party until six months after the Innovation Challenge result has been announced.

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